Frequently asked questions

Does your dye kits come with yarn?

Some of our kits do come with mini skeins of BFL yarn. All kits that come with yarn will be labeled as with yarn.

What is required to use our dye kit?

You will need two non reactive (stainless steel, glass or plastic) bowls that you will not be cooking with. You will also need boiling water. It is important even with food safe dye kits to never use bowls that will be eaten out of or cooked with after dyeing.

If the dye is food safe why do I need to use a seperate bowl?

Our food safe dyes are made from food dyes. They are not harmful. The acid used in dilution of the dye is standard food grade white vinegar. This makes the kits kid friendly and "food safe". However, there is another item being used in the dyeing process, the fiber or yarn. The origin and cleanliness of this item is never fully known. Making the use of cooking or eating bowls bad practice. Further you should always be working on safe work practices for all dyes. Some acid dyes are not for human consumption and setting standard work practices for all dye work is the best-case practice.

Will your dye kits stain?

Yes. We recommend that you always protect counters, hands and clothes when dyeing fiber and yarn. Once the dye has set and been rinsed it is less likely to bleed and stain orther items. However, best practice is to allow the yarn to completely dry before placing it on other objects or fibers.